Hosting From Knowledgeable Experts

If you want a product or service that fits your needs, you go to an expert in that area, right? Who better to offer Joomla hosting than a company that knows about Joomla and has over 12 years in the hosting business?

InfoTeam offers a different hosting solution than most other companies out there. Many of our coaches not only offer coaching, but they are involved with the hosting aspect of the company as well. They know how it works, so why shouldn't we have them help support our client websites. Because of this experience and knowledge, InfoTeam can offer you hosting that's a cut above most of the other hosting providers.

What makes InfoTeam different?

  • Upgrades and support of the core Joomla install and our approved extensions installed in your hosting plan.
  • Joomla-optimized servers and server security (no more file permission issues!).
  • Knowledgeable support staff who understand your needs - not just a one-click host.
  • Discounts and special offers from our partners.
  • Discounted membership to our Joomla Coaching Club for the first year.
  • Free template of your choice from our template selection*
  • Customer Service and Support you expect from a high-quality hosting company, with the backing of many knowledgeable coaches and members of our Joomla Coaching Community.
  • Most importantly, we don't over-sell our hosting services, so you don't have to worry about crowded servers and slow performance.

* Our template selection includes templates from several leading template clubs, as well as some template designs from our Joomla Coaching Community.